Arox Land Development Corp.

Arox has built a reputation of being a reliable resource with the right expertise to cater to local land development. Having the ambition to take on every challenge, along with the decades of experience in the construction industry, our team is well equipped to detect mistakes before they happen and to ensure high performance in every job.

Building the Greater Sarasota Region from the Ground Up

Arox Land Development is committed to providing high quality underground piping, land development, and grading in the Sarasota and Bradenton regions. We owe our consistent growth to the honest relationships we have established and the quality of work that we deliver.


Leadership Matters

After more than 34 years in the industry, Arox has established itself as a local Sarasota leader for site development services, land clearing, excavation & placement, grading, parking lots, and base asphalt.

Our family business has spent countless hours of work at perfecting our craft, elevating the quality of the work we deliver, and building life-long relationships with community partners.

The exponential growth Arox has experienced in the last 4 years can be attributed to our Leadership Team and their endless pursuit to perfect each area of work. This includes making Arox the type of workplace our workers enjoy and can depend on.

We are deeply committed to earning the trust of our clients. 

Arox recognizes the importance of completing its jobs on time, within budget, and while maintaining a high level of communication and precision.

We know that, by doing a great job at every project we work on, we can gain the trust of our clients and continue to grow our local relationships.